Wash Bag Appeal

The wash-bag appeal is something that is important as there is an urgent need for the simple necessity’s to assist people’s well being as they face burdensome situations. All completed wash bags will be distributed to people that need help in our community;  as we work with many other organisations in the area we ensure to support as many people as we can.

Who will this benefit?

Through providing us with a filled wash bag you are helping to support women fleeing domestic abuse, teenagers, the homeless, asylum seekers and those who are in hospital.

What needs to be done?

Fill an empty wash bag with as many toiletries as you can. We have provided you with this guide to help you pack a wash bag for the people we help. Once you have filled your wash bag please return to the storehouse with the relevant label.

Ladies Sanitary products;

Ladies Toiletries products;

Mens Shaving products;

Mens Toiletries products;

Thank you so much, your cooperation will be the first step for many peoples new beginning for a better life.


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